June, 2016

My partner and I are looking at everything to see if it makes sense financially for us to get legally married

We live in Maryland and that law recently passed. We had a religious ceremony in 2008, but it is not recognized since it was done in Utah by the Unitarian church.

The thing is that right now, I am on an income based repayment plan for my student loans. If we were legally married, I’d have to include her income in my reporting. Plus, we each take out funds for flex spending and we could not take out as much if we had to do it combined. But, I am now eligible to go on my partner’s health benefits and retirement benefits. So, we are going to look at it all closely before we decided when the time if right to make it official and legal.

In the meantime, we have decided to do a trial run of combining our finances in our snowball, etc. as well as a combined budget. I am figuring the numbers today. Before we legally get tied to each other, I want to know that we are on the same page financially.