July, 2017

I started off with TMMO from the library

I finally bought it when it was on sale for $10.
I got FPU I think 2 years ago because the group leader hosting it told me I could bring all my kids with me for free (I have 3 at home) and I wanted them to learn the steps and change their mindset. DH would not go with us.
Last year I bought Foundations in Personal Finance (it is literally FPU but in a slightly different order because it is geared towards high schoolers who don’t have debt (hopefully.)) But I got it when it was on a mega sale, I think it was like $50 or something like that plus free shipping.
I bought FP Junior on ebay for a song…so far it’s the only one of DR’s products I think is not worth the money. I bought Generations Change earlier this summer, I think they were reworking it and clearing out their current inventory because I got it for like…$24? Something like that.
I bought Foundations because I knew DH would never attend an FPU class, even though we can go for free, forever. There was another one in our town, and he went to like, 2, then refused to go anymore. So I figured with Foundations DVDs, maybe someday he would be interested to watch.
If you belong to a Sam’s Club or Costco, often they will have DR bundles for around $30, which include software, envelopes, a “wallet”, TMMO and a couple of session DVDs–I think Debt Snowball is one of them.
Really, as has been posted here, check your library. If you belong to Amazon Prime, you might be able to borrow it for free–i haven’t looked, but it might be there. And check eBay. You never know if you might find one.