Another way places get around the law

is to offer “discounts” for cash. We see this a lot while traveling on fuel. In some states we’ve seen as much as ten cents a gallon discount for cash. Even better some consider debit cards cash even if you run it through as a credit card. Figure that one out.
I was certainly glad to see OK was one of the states that did not allow the companies to pass it on to their customers because then it would have meant cash only for certain because many of our banks will charge you to use a debit card as a debit at places like Wal-Mart, and not charge you to use them as a credit card.So we would not have been able to purchase our diesel at a good savings at Sam’s Club if it was legal here because they don’t take cash for fuel and it would have cost us to use the debit card to purchase fuel there. That would have complicated matters greatly since there are no Wal-Marts on the way home from dh/ds work and while you can use a Wal-Mart gift card to pay for fuel at Rodney’s it would have been an extra hassle to get the gift card at Wal-Mart to use it at Rodney’s.
Jan who figures her family will be going more and more to strictly cash in the months to come any way, but knows where fuel is concerned dh will not go for it in OK