2 Melani –

Am I remembering correctly that your partner originally wasn’t very interested in DG, but that situation has slowly changed over time? And that your partner is slowly getting ‘on the bandwagon’ in terms of sharing information about debt repayment, staying on a budget, etc? If so, very good news! I wasn’t sure if I was remembering correctly but hopefully that’s the case.
I agree that regardless of gender status for married couples or those contemplating marriage, getting on the same page financially is very very good news and prudent planning. I didn’t with either of my DH’s prior to getting hitched, and that was an issue in my divorce from my first husband. My current DH and I have come a long way towards getting on the same page, and it’s made SUCH a huge difference.
In any case, here’s hoping you are able to clearly sort out which type of legal status works best for you and your partner. I don’t envy you the task of sorting that out but at least now you have that option.