Started off with $140

DD16’s college fees had to come out of that (went from $9 to $16 to $36 effective Jan 1) So now I was down to $104.

$25 at Costco for 8 gallons of milk and 18ct eggs (the milk will last 2 weeks, as I freeze it.)$27 fruits & vegetables (evidently the Almighty answered DH’s juicing prayers: found a store which had carrots on sale for .33/# and apples for .79/#, bought 30#/carrots 18# apples)$21 peanut butter, 5# yeast (for bread), a bunch of beets, 4 cucumbers
leaving about $31 in the checking account for other grocery incidentals. of that, I’ll probably need about another $5 for beets & other greens. We found a great vegetable produce store near my son’s co-op/school but that is 26 miles away, so I can only go there on the days he is at co-op.
what’s ironic, is that we are eating better, for less $ than I normally spend. granted, other than yeast, I didn’t have to buy any staples (i.e., toilet paper, trash can liners, sugar, meat etc.), though I would have liked some bacon to make ranch style beans, and I may break down and buy a pound. we’ll see.
like Rosalind, what’s really impressed me this month is that if I switch things around a bit (i.e., buy my staples with the 1st check of the month where I am paying bills and getting out of debt where I have a bit more of a cushion) then use the 2nd check of the month just for essentials, it might work out better for us. granted, it just happened that we found a gigantic deal on produce, but it makes the point of being aware. maybe even set aside an additional $100 from the 1st check for groceries to help supplement the 2nd check.