We have had that trouble with my dfil

going back to when my dmil was still alive. She passed in 2014. We have tried telling dfil that he can get things like meals on wheels, and such just so he doesn’t have to try to cook for one, etc, and he won’t have anything to do with it. According to him, he “manages just fine.” No, he is not weatlthy and living as a miser. He is not wealthy but he is not penniless either, just stubborn.

He cannot do many of the things he used to enjoy, like fishing. It is harder to maintain his place and get yard work done. Yet he won’t consider moving 5 hours south to south Louisiana where his 2 grown kids are. Of course we are selfish, wanting him closer so we can keep a better eye on him. šŸ˜‰ We would all chip in (1 son, 1 dd, and the outlaws LOL) to help set him up physically and financially in a place upon selling his current home. However, he will hear nothing of it yet.

My fear is of him falling, having a heart attack (he’s a former quad bypass patient), stroke, etc. while alone. He lives rurally and I can’t say he has someone check on him every day, those probably many days. It is hard. We want him to be indepedent but know that his needs are met.