What are your good and bad 4 the memories?

The good: Mine are the ones early in our marriage were we would get together with dh’s family and all their family friends for a major pot luck meal, homemade ice cream and a huge fireworks show. One in particular still makes me smile, my niece was tiny, just big enough to enjoy poppers (those little things your throw down) and that was the only firework she wanted anything to do with. My dbil ended up buying out every popper in a 50 mile radius he could find because her delight was so big with them. That niece is now old enough that her dd just graduated high school, but she still loves Poppers.

The Bad: Involves that same niece as well. She is very special to us and when she was about 6 she was at our house for the cul de sac display. Many of her fireworks wouldn’t go off for some reason. She had graduated to Roman Candles by then and not a one of them would go off. Dh got the ‘bright’ idea to make a black powder fuse for one. Apparently when he did he got some bp on his hands and …nuff said. He wouldn’t go to ER, but he did agree to pain pills for a few days afterwards. Luckily it was just a bad burn and he didn’t lose a finger, which he very well could have.