Years ago..

when dh’s last living grandparents were still around, they hosted a July 4th reunion. Actually the summer we were to marry, they held a shower for us. Very sweet.

Now you must know that these reunions were in Louisiana and it always HOT, HOT, HOT. Did I say it was (is) hot? Much of the time we were outside at these reunions. Dh’s grandfather was a stickler for NOT running the a/c. We all just had to suffer together. It was not that they couldn’t afford it, they just didn’t run it.

Back in 1986 dh’s sister and I were both pregnant and due in October. I distinctly remember dh’s aunt going to dh’s grandpa (her father in law) and saying, “We have 2 pregnant women here and they need to be in air conditioning.” She then went in and turned on the a/c. That is the first time I ever remember them running it. Guess where my dsil and I stayed the rest of the day? LOL